On this page you will find updates and resources concerning the Canada-wide call for manufacturers to assist in the production of essential PPE and medical supplies.

Call for Manufacturers

  • CAF has been working closely with The federal government to identify and support companies as they bid on contracts to produce medical gowns for the Canadian government. 

  • CAF has issued a country-wide call for companies to disclose their manufacturing capabilities for the production of PPE. If you have not yet done so, click here to complete our short survey. The information collected is being shared with federal, provincial and municipal government agencies.

  • We have created a dedicated LinkedIn group to coordinate the efforts of Canadian apparel firms: click here to join.

  • Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) has launched a federal call to action for PPE procurement. ISED may be able to support re-tooling or other innovation activities.

  • Public Works is also asking companies to identify capabilities; click here to view the official RFP.

  • The Ontario Government has made a separate call to action for the procurement of PPE.

  • The Manitoba Government has also launched a separate procurement page for PPE.

  • British Columbia has launched a COVID-19 Supply Hub to coordinate efforts to procure PPE within the province. 


PPE Resources

  • New: CAF has compiled a set of backgrounders to assist firms with the production of masks and medical gowns:

  • New: CAF has been working with an ad-hoc committee of industry stakeholders led by the AATCC to develop a clear, standardized set of guidelines for the production of general purpose face coverings. The draft is available via the AATCC website. We welcome your feedback!

  • OEKO-TEX has waived the certification fee for STANDARD 100 certification of mouth and nose masks. 

  • Together with Kendor and other B.C. firms, Mustang Survival and Arc'teryx have worked with the B.C. Apparel & Gear Association and various healthcare officials at B.C. hospitals to develop a free Technical Data Package for Canadian manufacturers looking to produce Level 2 hospital gowns.

    The tech pack includes drawings, Bill of Materials (BOM), Patterns, Product Quality Control Plan (PQP), and label artwork for use in manufacturing isolation gowns for use in health care facilities.

    Click here to download the tech pack.


  • WEBINAR RECORDING AVAILABLE: Summary of Mask Standards and Testing with SGS. Sold out webinar presented by SGS Hardlines Technical Manager Matthew McGarrity on April 16, 2020. Contact us for access to the recording free of charge.

  • Labelling Requirements: CAF has received confirmation from the Competition Bureau that non-medical face masks for community use require a non-permanent label (hang tag, wrapper, sticker, etc.) disclosing the fibre content and dealer identity (CA Number). 

  • To help support the fight against COVID-19, Gerber has created the Gerber PPE Task Force to support customers as they need to increase their production and/or transition to manufacturing PPE.


Canadian Suppliers of Fabric, Raw Materials and Other Goods & Services:

Established in 1953, KenDor Textiles has accumulated vast experience and built a broad network of global mills that facilitate virtually any textile need. KenDor takes great pride in specializing in environmentally & socially responsible knit and woven textiles and strives to ensure that partner mills adhere to multiple global standards of environmental and social compliance including the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Proudly Canadian. Serving the Global textile industry.

Supplier of: Knit Fabrics for PPE, Woven Fabrics for PPE, Non-woven fabrics for PPE

Primary Contact: Paul King  
paul@kendortextiles.com | 877-434-3233

Secondary Contact: Lori McElwain

lori@kendortextiles.com | 604-940-0022

Manufacturers of Industrial Sewing Threads, Knitted - Braided - Woven Elastics, Tapes, Trimmings; distributors of Velcro® fasteners, Avery Dennison fasteners, Scissors

Supplier of: Knit Fabrics for PPE, Elastics and other mask supplies, Threads, Twill tape, Bias tape

Primary Contact: Richard Doré  
rdore@cansew.ca | 514.382.2807 ext 1258

Secondary Contact: Hershie Schachter

hershie@cansew.ca | 514.382.2807 ext 1243

Weaver, Knitter, Dyer, Finisher, of Textiles.

Supplier of: Knit Fabrics for PPE, Woven Fabrics for PPE

Primary Contact: Robert Berger  
rberger@mwcanada.com | 519 621 5460 ex 223

Secondary Contact: Matthew Berger

mberger@mwcanada.com | 519 621 5460 ex 237

Manufacturers of clothing specializing in Canadian-Made products.

Supplier of: Knit Fabrics for PPE

Primary Contact: David Helwani  
dhelwani@twentytees.com | 1-212-279-6868

Secondary Contact: Abie Sterner

abie@di-tech.ca | 514-485-9900 x206

Vertically integrated Weaving/Dyeing/Finishing/Printing
Protective Fabrics/Uniform and workwear fabrics/Medical fabrics/DND fabrics. Made in Canada.

Supplier of: Woven Fabrics for PPE

Primary Contact: Randy Williams
randy.williams@monterey1996.ca | 514-233-8414

Duvaltex was founded in 2015 and its flagship brand at this time was Victor. A year later, Duvalex acquired three leading U.S. textile brands: True, Guilford of Maine and Teknit, which between them had more than 100 years of innovation and production covering the residential and the contract markets. Duvaltex is North America's largest contract textile manufacturer and boasts the richest weaving tradition in the industry. It created the industry's first 100% post-consumer recycled biodegradable polyester—CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES™.

We have the capabilities and capacity to produce medical fabrics and has already tested a few styles which meets the AAMI PBB70 standards which are most commonly used in North America. Our fabrics have been tested at an accredited laboratory and meets Level 1 & Level 2.

Supplier of: Woven Fabrics for PPE, Elastics and other mask supplies

Primary Contact: Yvon Duheme
yvon.duheme@duvaltex.com | (514) 944-3322

Secondary Contact: Jean-François Gagnon
jean-francois.gagnon@duvaltex.com | (418) 953-1122

Manufacturer of level 3 and 4 fabrics

Supplier of: Laminated fabrics

Primary Contact: Alex Artus
aartus@stedfast.com | 450-578-1164


Textile converter

Supplier of: Woven Fabrics for PPE

Primary Contact: Andre Telio
ANDRE.TELIO@TELIO.COM | 514-271-4607

Secondary Contact: Natasha Anderson

natasha.anderson@telio.com| 514-271-4607 x 266

ELGO TEXTILES has been in business since 1953. With over 66 years of experience behind us, we are very knowledgeable in the fashion & fabric industry.

Supplier of: Knit Fabrics for PPE, Woven Fabrics for PPE, Non-woven fabrics for PPE

Primary Contact: Terry Larry

Secondary Contact: Ronnie Fox


With 79 years of Textiles experience, Lubertex continues to carry in-stock fabrics suitable to many manufacturing needs. From cottons to poly/cotton, woven, non-woven and knits, narrow & wide widths.

Supplier of: Knit Fabrics for PPE, Woven Fabrics for PPE, Non-woven fabrics for PPE, bedsheets, towels, pillows, gowns

Primary Contact: Heidi Luber
heidi@lubertex.com | 514-839-4590

We are a sourcing agency supplying fabrics to the Healthcare market for over 50 years. You will be buying directly from proven suppliers overseas. Weltex provides all necessary services to ensure total satisfaction.

Supplier of: Woven Fabrics for PPE, Non-woven fabrics for PPE

Primary Contact: Irwin Bercovitch
irwin@weltex.com | 514-213-4309

Secondary Contact: John Van Toch

jvantoch@weltex.com | 514-944-3859


We are in the process of compiling a database of industry suppliers of fabrics, elastics and other raw materials/services relevant to the production of PPE. It will be published here in the coming days.

Click here to add your firm to our growing database!

We are Canada's largest supplier of machinery to the Apparel trade across our 5 offices in Canada. We represent the top brands in Japanese machinery from Brother, Juki, Pegasus, Yamato. We provide sales and service in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal. We also sell cutting systems from manual machines to fully automatic.

Supplier of: Equipment (sewing machines, other production equipment)

Primary Contact: Kevin Price  
kevin.price@rbdigital.ca | 604 821 1771

Secondary Contact: Karl Frei

karl.frei@rubenstein.ca | 514 228 3359

Veratex Lining Ltd.

Our company provides non woven materials in fusible and non woven sew ins, knits and woven. We have polypropylene spun bond, needlepunch and other items for level 1 items. We offer services such as lamination, cutting and fusing, die cutting.

Supplier of: Woven Fabrics for PPE, Non-woven fabrics for PPE, Elastics and other mask supplies, lamination , die cutting , roll to roll fusing , sponging , heat setting

Primary Contact: Barry Diamond   
barry@veratex.ca | 514-274-4495 ext 31

Secondary Contact: Mark Diamond

mark@veratex.ca | 514-274-4495 ext 26

Vintex is a manufacturer of coated fabrics (knit, woven, & non-woven) with many uses in the healthcare industry.
We manufacture an extensive line of launderable barrier fabrics for use in incontinence products, gowns & aprons, and mattress and pillow ticking.

Supplier of: Coated Knit fabrics for PPE, Coated Woven fabrics for PPE, Coated Non-woven fabrics for PPE

Primary Contact: Alison Marchant  
alison.marchant@vintex.com | 877-486-0880 x302

Secondary Contact: Shannon Nelson

shannon.nelson@vintex.com | 877-486-0880 x392/519-321-3017

Narrow woven/Narrow braid/Cord/Elastic/trim

Supplier of: Elastics and other mask supplies, cord/trim/bias tape

Primary Contact: Sarah Loos
sarah@barbettind.com | 610-715-8426

Primotex Knitting Inc. is a Canadian fabric manufacturer since 1984.We specialize in highly technical fabrics such as required in the medical field, as well as fabrics with antimicrobial characteristics, eco-friendly, and UV products.Our mission is to undertake research and offer the most advanced, avant-garde performance echancing products.

Supplier of: Knit Fabrics for PPE, Non-woven fabrics for PPE

Primary Contact: Jean-Pierre Zito
jpzito@primotexinc.com | 450-665-5180 ext.223

Manufacturer of sewing threads and suppliers of elastic - tape and sewing accessories

Supplier of: Knit Fabrics for PPE, Woven Fabrics for PPE, Non-woven fabrics for PPE, Elastics and other mask supplies, threads

Primary Contact: Lydia Kantardjian
lydia.kantardjian@elevatetextiles.com | 514-385-0880

Secondary Contact: Gaetano Massari
gaetano.massari@elevatetextiles.com | 514-385-0880

Label, tag and trim supplier located in Montreal doing business in Canada since 1992.

Supplier of: Elastics and other mask supplies, Labelling and heat transfer labels

Primary Contact: David Ceausu
david@accentlabels.com | 514-945-4317

Secondary Contact: Olga Kushneryk
olga@accentlabels.com | 514-813-0262

Wholesale family Textile business for 50+ years in Winnipeg - Wholesale by the full bolt / roll / dyelot - Basic fabrics, outerwear fabrics, Knit fabrics made in Canada etc.

Supplier of: Knit Fabrics for PPE, Woven Fabrics for PPE

Primary Contact: Myles Silbert
myles@siltex.com | 204-582-2371

Secondary Contact: Ben Pablico

ben@siltex.com| 204-582-2371

Manufacturer of medical grade fabrics (Spunbond, PU/Nylon, Meltblown, interlinings, fusibles, pocket linings, waistband, shirt linings, suit linings, elastics, among others. For apparel manufacturers globally.

Supplier of: Knit Fabrics for PPE, Woven Fabrics for PPE, Non-woven fabrics for PPE, Elastics and other mask supplies

Primary Contact: Florentino Buendia H.
florentino@mx.haama.com | +52 1 238 1043898

Secondary Contact: Amit Harel

amit@haama.com | +1 858 7220545

MW Canada is a leading manufacturer of engineered materials. Through vertical integration we work closely with our clients to develop highly customized solutions. Product development and engineering covers a broad range of applications using weaving, knitting, dyeing, coating, and lamination technologies. Research and development focuses on electrical integration, LED lighting, sensing, and energy.

Supplier of: Woven Fabrics for PPE, Elastics and other mask supplies

Primary Contact: Bob Berger
rberger@mwcanada.com | 519-621-5460 ext 223

& Partners

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